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Doula Services

Having a doula present at your birth is the key to lowering your risk for the following: 


Postpartum Depression

The use of pain medication

stress during pregnancy

newborn admission into NICU

A doula can increase your chances of having a positive birth experience, having more probabilities of breastfeeding your new baby with less difficulties.

A doula will do the following:

*Meet with you a minimum of two times before the birth (Prenatal)

*Will be available via, phone,text or email during your entire pregnancy

*Continuous labor support from the moment labor begins to postpartum; until you feel confident taking care of your new baby

*Be a part of your birth team; making sure that you have information available to you during your hospital stay

* Minimum of one postpartum visit in your home to help adjust to life at home with a newborn baby

*Postpartum support via phone,text or email during your entire breastfeeding relationship

A doula WILL NOT do the following:

*Give you medical treatment

*Speak on behalf of you 

*Come between a laboring women and her additional support person/s

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