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Meliza CD(DONA)

Meliza is a Certified Birth Doula, Provisional Bradley Instructor, breastfeeding peer counselor, and founder of Green Birth. She has obtained her
Dona Certified Training in Los Angles California and Bradley Training in San Francisco.
Native of Mexico, making her fluent in Spanish and English. Mother of three beautiful Daughters. Lover of Babywearing, cloth diapering, homesteading, gentle parenting, homeschooling and DIY projects on her 5 acre family Ranch. 
Her love for the biology and physiology of birth, along with the home birth of her own children inspired her to pursue her passion. Continuing her education, and growing her resources for her clients. Attending conferences, classes,and trainings to further enhance her professional skills. Providing up to date evidence based education to parents translates into them having true informed consent which is ideal to empowering families through birth and breastfeeding.  ​